Nothing says “Welcome to Chicago” like the body-thumping music and tres chic employees of those trendy W Hotels.

The W Lakeshore was one of the conference hotels for this past weekend’s BlogHer Conference. (WHOO-HOO, BlogHer!)

I’m not sure if I was more excited about the conference, finally getting to meet so many of my favorite ladies in person (I don’t want to leave anyone out, so just check my blogroll and comments — you’ll know who they are!), or the thought of having a hotel room to myself. For. Three. Whole. Nights!

Of course, I forgot I’m getting to be an un-hipster and the W chain is all about hip.

Take this lovely TP cozy for example. All wrapped up and tied in a bow.

Nothing could trump that for all the hotel coolness, right?

Think again.

‘Cause nothing says, “You’re too hip for me,” than providing poetry blocks in the room.

And the bath mat that says, “Step.”

And the fitness room called, “Sweat.”

And the pool called — you know you can guess it — “Wet.”

But, all my fears about being unhip, uncool, and, well, downright old if I am forced to say it, were settled when I met all the gals.

Of course, having unlimited, free amounts of wine in the evenings didn’t hurt, either!

Thanks ladies for welcoming me with open arms into to sisterhood of blogstresses!