Yes, that’s a really tortured Wimpy reference, but bear with me!

I’d like to collect as many good and bad voting stories as possible for upcoming posts and I’m willing to give you a chance at some cool swag in exchange!

Leave a detailed comment about your voting experiences — good or bad, early, absentee or Election Day — and I’ll pick one comment at random to receive one of these lovely John McCain = Halloween 365 days a year shirts

… a copy of The SheSpot, with some interesting information on how marketers AND politicians can get women’s attention and votes, if they really want to try …

… and some cool custom PunditMom trinkets!

Don’t be shy! I want to hear them all, ’cause I know there are some good ones out there! Thanks!

And the winner is Maia at Own the Sidewalk. Thanks for all the great stories!