I’ve already made it clear that I won’t be watching the Super Bowl and for the most part won’t watch any more CBS shows because of the Focus on the Family/Tim Tebow ad that is scheduled to run during the Super Bowl.

You know — the one that CBS said it would air even though it’s refused in the past to air any sort of advocacy ads during the big game.  The one that CBS apparently helped to produce.

While I’m sure it won’t see air time during the Super Bowl, two other high profile athletes are speaking out about being glad that the women in their lives have the right to make their own reproductive decisions without being pressured on by those with opposing views:

Gloria Steinem will have a thing or two to say about the ad during a live stream event tomorrow during the game.

I just want to know that my daughter will have full control over all her health decisions — including her reproductive health — when she’s an adult.  To have real choice, not just the choices that those with lots of money and loud voices say we should have.