Republicans in Washington have made no secret of the fact that they got pretty much everything they wanted in the current federal budget deal, with one exception — the complete unfunding of Planned Parenthood.  The majority of the GOP came about as close as you can to shutting down the entire federal government over one issue — women’s health.  More specifically, NOT abortion, but funding for contraception, breast cancer screenings and Pap tests for millions of women.  Because in their judgment, women’s health is a throw-away.

Fortunately, we’ve got some advocates in Washington who are, to paraphrase from the movie A Few Good Men, on that wall for us.  On the Senate floor, Kirsten Gillibrand said this:

The votes we’re going to have tomorrow — to defund Planned Parenthood, to repeal health care — American women, make no mistake about it, this is an attack on you. It’s an attack on every preventive health service, every safety net, everything that you care about. Whether it’s early childhood education, whether it’s pap smears, whether it’s mammograms, whether it’s pre-natal care when you’re pregnant, that is what their efforts are all about. And you should just know that you have women of the Senate who will stand by you. We have drawn this line in the sand and we will not allow them to cross it. We are your voice in Washington, we are your voice in Congress and we will protect you and the basic safety net and equality that you should expect out of the US government.”

I want her on that wall. I need her and other women in the Senate and in the House of Representatives on that wall — especially with people like Senator Jon Kyl’s who are willing to bend and break the actual facts for their own purposes.

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Let’s not forget, Kyl was the one who also wanted to keep maternity benefits out of health insurance plans because he doesn’t need it.  Yup — that’s the kind of Republican party I think some mothers might have a problem with.