Hillary Clinton and her controversial headbands are back!  While President Obama’s State of the Union address has been much talked about and we loved seeing now-retired Congresswoman Gabby Giffords make her appearance on the House floor as he gave that speech, the third-most discussed thing about this week’s SOTU event was —  Hillary’s headband!!

Forget her accomplishments as a U.S. Senator!  Nevermind all that talk about helping women and children around the world!  Hillary is bringing back the headband!  Women in their 60s with long hair!  WOO-HOO!

OK, no headband here, but her hair rocks. Image via www.state.gov

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the blonder, longer hair the Secretary of State is sporting these days. As a woman closer in age to Hillary than Chelsea, I may just try that myself!

Of course, Clinton had to know that, having been mocked once in her life for being an adult woman who wore a headband, that there’d be plenty of discussion of it this time, too. The funny thing, though, is she’s totally in the style moment — fashionistas LOVED the look on Michelle Williams at the Golden Globes!

But aside from the headband, why are we so fascinated with  Hillary’s hair?   She’s got a ponytail!  Now it’s in a bun! Hey, did she get a blow-out? I hate to break it to the Hillary fashion haters, but sometimes a girl’s just got to mix it up a little bit.  Maybe she can sport this little leopard number for her next news conference?

Maybe her critics are afraid if the focus on what she actually does rather than how she styles her hair, they’d have to admit she’s a woman to be taken seriously.