Political observers are loving Hillary Clinton today as much as they hated in her 2008.  They just can’t seem to get enough of her these days. This one kvells over her amazingness as Secretary of State.  That one gushes over how she’s raising the profile of advocating for women and children around the world. And doesn’t that new hairdo look fabulous?

Where were all these Hillary Clinton lovers in 2008?  Oh, wait, they were around, but they were the Hillary Clinton haters back then.  If you haven’t noticed, in the weeks since the whole debt ceiling ‘our fighting toddlers get along better than Washington politicians’ debacle, media stories have been popping up wondering whether things would be different in America today if Hillary had won in 2008.

Did Democrats make a mistake by selecting Barack Obama as their candidate?  Did we go for the flash instead of the substance?  If “President Hillary” were in office, would things be different with the economy?

Some commentators still believe there’s a chance that the Secretary of State is pondering one more run for the White House even though she’s said, oh, about, a million times that she has no interest in another Presidential campaign. Maybe the American people can send a love letter?

The fantasy of  ‘she who could have been our first woman president’ is too GOOD to let go of.   It’s clearly been a trending hot topic — except when the talking heads want to criticize her for supposedly going all emotional when Osama bin Laden was killed, implying that maybe she would have been too weak to be Commander-in-Chief.

Even former Vice President Dick Cheney is getting in on the “I miss Hillary” conversation, but we all know that’s just part of his effort to ensure ongoing Democrat infighting to put any Republican (especially another one he can control) into the White House.  Ah — a true political love story if ever there was one.

There’s only one person in the world who has the ability to convince Hillary that a Pennsylvania Avenue address is better than the one she’s using in Chappaqua — and that’s Bill.  He’s loving his role as international statesman, but you know his arm wouldn’t have to be twisted too hard to have another chance at Washington, even if it would be as the First Dude.  So maybe I should start stocking up on the Hillary in 2012 paraphernalia.  Then we just have to sit back and wait to see what the prognosticators have to say about who her VP choice would be!  May I suggest Elizabeth Warren?