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Herman, Herman, Herman.

Where do I even start with the end of the strange political journey of Herman Cain and his now-defunct presidential campaign?   Cain announced over the weekend that he was suspending his presidential bid because reports of certain lady problems were creating unwanted “distractions.”  His speech was an odd combination of conveying concern for his family and painting himself as the victim of media fascination with what he repeatedly called “unproven” allegations of various types of sexual misconduct, from harassment to alleged assault to a long-time affair.

Cain appeared self-righteous and unrepentant on that sunny stage with his wife Gloria in the background — the woman who not so long ago had proclaimed to the country that her husband had nothing but the utmost respect for women.

But even with his announcement, many unanswered questions remain.

For example, if he knew he was getting out of the race, what was with the almost simultaneous launch of the  “Women for Herman Cain” site? What did his wife Gloria really say to him the night he finally had a face-to-face discussion about Ginger White and her allegations of a relationship and financial assistance?

Will any of the remaining GOP contenders really want the endorsement from Cain, who many believe was only taking a page out of Sarah Palin’s playbook, staying in the mix to sell books and raise his profile for future public speaking?

And was he wearing those sunglasses to keep from squinting or because Gloria had smacked him upside the head after his homecoming announcement?

Cain says he’ll go on talking about the issues and that soon he’ll announce his “endorsement” of another GOP candidate.  But do any of them really want it?

Current political wisdom says Cain is going to endorse Newt Gingrich, who has his own “lady problem” baggage as an admitted adulterer who was having an affair with his current wife, Calista, while pushing for former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment over Monica Lewinsky.  Could Cain possibly be entertaining the thought of a vice presidential bid with Gingrich?  The upcoming launch of Cain’s new site, “The Cain Solutions” would suggest that he’s at least toying with that possibility.

If that happens, will Gingrich accept the endorsement gladly or distance himself from a candidate just as flawed as himself?  Maybe Gingrich and Cain can start their own “lady problem” club.  After Gingrich’s recent meeting with “The Donald,” they can invite Trump for the first meeting.

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