So, it’s official! I AM going to Denver with a great group of MOMocrats to cover the Democratic National Convention in our unique style. It’s going to be the kind of coverage you won’t find anywhere else!

MOMocrats Swag-O-Rama Raffle

So if you’re interested in giving us a little help, head on over to our raffle site Help a Mama Swag-o-Rama!! You won’t BELIEVE how much great stuff we’ve put together to finance this momentous undertaking.

My contribution to the raffle should be especially tasty — the package includes two bottles of wine from the great guys at The Political Winery. Chris Trebilcock and and John Hemboldt started their wine venture, even though they are long-time politicos on opposite sides of the political fence! Because even if we can’t always come together on our politics, we should be able to find common ground with a glass of wine.

Or if you’re just feeling generous, that’s OK , too:

I know my mom always said it wasn’t polite to ask people for money, but we all figured this was a good cause AND we’ve gotten our hands on some goodies you’ll enjoy! Thanks for any support! We won’t let you down!

And, of course, if it helps us get one step closer to “world domination,” don’t worry — we’ll be kind!

For something a little more wonky, I’m talking about whether Dick Cheney could be VP for a third time over at MOMocrats!

P.S., The Political Winery item is not cooperating on the widget over at MOMocrats. So if you’d like to enter for that item, E-mail me and we can put your name on the list for it! Thanks!!