So there are 13 days left until Christmas, but Chanukah and the birthday of a certain PunditGril come before that, so that’s much organizing to be done here at Chez PunditMom.

While I’m running around, here are a few news stories to talk about. I’m especially ticked about the story on fair pay … you know I’ve got more to say about that:

If we talked about our salaries more, might be a step closer to equal pay.

Here’s a take on Senate bingo from Gail Collins.

If you were asking yourself how long it would be until we all started talking about the 2012 election, here’s your answer.

Coming to DC for the inaugural and are worried about how early last call will be at the bars?

And why is this even a story? Do I care about whether the Clintonites and the Obama-istas can make nice with each other at back to school nite? Do you?