My friends David at It’s Not a Lecture and Catherine at Her Bad Mother are going around the world virtually with their project, The World According to Mom. They’re trying to get completely around the globe (in 80 clicks!?) through mothers who blog by asking them what they love about being mothers.

Sounds like an easy task, right? To list five things you love about being a mother?

Maybe I think too much, but this has been a hard one for me. I can’t tell you how many times I started to write something and nothing seemed right because even though I love being a mother to PunditGirl, motherhood itself is hard. And to write honestly about that complicated mix, knowing that my nine-year-old would probably read it, was a huge challenge. So, I decided to try another approach.

I came across this idea from ShutterSister Irene who also blogs as Momster – using photos to express my feelings about being PunditGirl’s mother and why, even though parenting has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I am the luckiest mom in the world.

PunditMom & PunditBaby, age 1

PunditGirl and pal, age 2 1/2
PunditGirl in a quieter moment
How did she get to be a “tween?”

My version of motherhood is fulfilling, but it’s hardly all rosy and domestic perfection. But when I feel I’m wavering in confidence about my abilities as a mom, I look at PunditGirl’s face and hope things will be fine and keep my fingers crossed that I’m giving her what she needs, both as her mother and as a political mom.

As a Libra, I have a hard time with unfairness and injustice. As a lawyer, I learned to work on channeling that energy into a profession. As a mother, I only need to look at my daughter’s face to know there are still loads of reasons to speak up about fair pay, reproductive rights, and workplace discrimination, just to name a few issues, because it sure would be nice if I could leave the planet knowing that I’d done a little something to make it easier for PunditGirl when it comes to some of the political battles we’re still fighting.

Now, one of the deals with The World According to Mom, is to tag five other mothers who blog (hopefully in various global locations) and ask them to write about their thoughts. But I like this idea about saying it in pictures, so I’m going to ask five moms to post photos – Stephanie at Lawyer Mama, Jen Lemen, Glennia at The Silent I, Michelle at White Trash Mom, and American Girl in Japan (I don’t know her, but I hope she’ll say yes!) The ladies I know are great photographers, and so I’m asking them to set out their five reasons in photos!