PunditGirl: Mom, why don’t you and dad like Rick Santorum?

Me: Well, remember a couple of years ago, when we talked about how babies get made?

PunditGirl: Yeah ….

Me: And remember how you got all worried and said, “But Mom, what if I don’t want to have a baby?  What if I want to wait?  Or not have a baby at all?”

PunditGirl: Mm-hmm ….

Me: And your dad and I said, “Don’t worry, there’s a pill for that.” And that made you not worry so much?

PunditGirl: Yessss…..

Me: Well, Rick Santorum wants to take that pill away.

PunditGirl: (eyes widen to the size of saucers) Well, THAT’s not good!

No it isn’t, my sweet.

How are you explaining this birth control craziness to your daughters?

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