Whether you’re an Elizabeth Warren fan or not (I have admitted in the past that I do have a little girl crush on the woman who says it like it is), this political “ad” should appeal to pretty much everyone:

Warren created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, staffed it, got it up and running to give middle America some representation in Washington, and then was denied the role of running the agency.  She isn’t a shoe in to take Scott Brown’s U. S. Senate seat away from him– she’s already taken a stand in Washington, D.C. that was so unpopular that the financial industry mounted an all out campaign to keep her from running the watchdog agency she created.  While I have no doubt that her personal feelings were probably hurt about that, Elizabeth Warren seems like a woman whose single-minded task is to do whatever she is capable of to turn the economic ship around for Americans who aren’t wealthy and who aren’t corporations.  If she can’t do it as head of the CFPB, then maybe she can do it as a Senator from Massachusetts.  If she doesn’t get elected in Massachusetts, she’ll do it in another way.

Warren (and her video doppelganger!) is the “un”-candidate — willing to speak her mind and say what she believes to be the truth, regardless of the political consequences.  And, no, she’s not even bothered that the junior Senator from Massachusetts who posed semi-nude for Playgirl back in his “youth” has dissed her looks as a political tactic.  I have no doubt she’s got bigger arguments to make that will send Brown back to his beat-up pick-up truck.