I’m too distracted to write anything coherent or pithy, but so many thoughts are running around in my head about the outcome of today’s election, so I thought I’d share:

1. My parents live in Pennsylvania — one of  the states that tried to ram through mandatory photo ID laws for voting. A judge put that on hold, but said poll workers were permitted to ask for ID for first time voters, but couldn’t require it (which begs the question, why ask in the first place?)  My retired parents were asked for ID, and when my mother asked if it was required to vote, the poll worker stared her down until she got out her driver’s license. Oh, by the way, the poll worker is someone my parents have known for years. He knew who they were. He didn’t need their ID to know they weren’t trying to steal the votes of hardworking, small family farmers. Then, the machine my mother tried to vote on kept trying to switch her Obama vote to a Romney vote.

In Pennsylvania.

2. I wish I lived in Hawaii, because I would have voted for these two great candidates — Mazie Hirono and Tulsi Gabbard. OK, there are other reasons I want to live in Hawaii, but this is just as good an explanation as any.

3. You know the TV talking heads tomorrow will be chatting up the 2016 presidential election, right?

4. My new boyfriend is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. I’m sorry Jon Stewart, but at least until this election is over, my new “boyfriend” is Nate Silver, of 538 Blog election predicting fame. Mr. PunditMom said it was OK for me to take on a new man in my life as long as I’m only drooling over his polling.

5. My 12-year-old is worried we’re going to leave the country if Mitt Romney wins the White House. I’ve tried to calm her nerves, but secretly, I’m already planning my move to Vancouver (*waving at Tanis!*).

6. Someone on Team Romney has been orchestrating robo-calls reminding people to vote tomorrow. Wednesday. The day after Election Day. And the GOP screams about voter fraud?

What’s been keeping you up? And what’s been your method of calming your nerves?

Now where did I put that Chardonnay?