No, I don’t have a bad joke that includes them walking into a bar or being on a life raft.  But I do have a few random political thoughts about each of them today.  Hey, I can share here just as well as on Twitter, right?

I’m really liking Ed Rendell these days!

As I’ve mentioned before, John Edwards is dead to me.  Please stop with the “news” about his sordid personal life.

President Obama wants to freeze spending.  Didn’t he criticize John McCain at some point for same idea?

On a better note, Lilly Ledbetter isn’t giving up the fight for fair pay.  In a conference call today with Ledbetter,  sponsored by the National Women’s Law Center, Senator Chris Dodd and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro announced that Dodd will be calling on the Senate to hold hearings on the Paycheck Fairness Act within the coming weeks.  The Ledbetter Act signed by President Obama didn’t guarantee any of us fair pay — it only gave us the right to sue if we discover we’re not being paid fairly.  Here’s hoping that we can soon talk about a Paycheck Fairness Law!