Isn’t IzzyMom a-MAZ-ing?

Here I am with the equally amazing Her Bad Mother and IzzyMom at BlogHer. (No, this is NOT a BlogHer rant!)

But I am calling Izzy amazing today because just look at this shiny new place she designed for!

Just for me! Isn’t she the best? Isn’t it PRET-ty?

So even though she’s praying for something else today besides my PayPal deposit, I wanted to send my gratitude to her. She didn’t even mind that I subtly kept trying to find out when we were in Chicago when my blog design would come up on her work list ! 😉 (Thanks, Izzy, for being understanding!).

But, there’s also one other person who must be thanked for her part in this great new look — my niece Jolie. She’s the one who drew the PunditMom caricature, which a bunch of you got as I was forcing, uh, I mean, giving you my PunditMom magnets at BlogHer.

Jolie is studying to be a veterinarian (don’t even ask me what she had to do this summer during her large animal internship), but she’s a really talented artist, as well. And I can’t thank her enough for humoring her blogging addict aunt with this amazing cartoon!

So, enjoy the new-and-improved PunditMom. Hopefully, it will take care of those pesky browser issues some of you were having and you’ll be able to read ALL my punditry!

And on yet a different topic, I’m giving away a free copy of The Bilingual Edge today over at PunditMom Reviews, thanks to the ladies at ParentBloggers Network. Stop by and let me know what languages your children are learning!