As we count down the hours to presidential debate number two, we know that the town hall style questions have been pre-approved and pre-scripted by the respective campaigns.  Odds are, we’re not going to learn much new about either candidate in this debate and the winner will, again, be decided on style points rather than substance.

Why do I say that? Because while most observers agreed that Mitt Romney whooped President Obama in the first debate by who seemed more engaged and dynamic, those same politicos have also pointed out that much of what Republican Romney said was untrue.

The general areas for debate number two are supposed to be foreign policy and “domestic” issues.  The second category is pretty broad so what will that cover? Personally, there had better be some questions that specifically take women voters into consideration — you know, on things like reproductive health and fair pay — since neither candidate talked about women in their first encounter, unless you think the President’s anniversary wish to Michelle took care of that.

What should the candidates talk about, besides the economy?  While we know from Bill Clinton’s first presidential victory, that “It’s the economy, stupid” is the mantra most campaigns follow. But this election is about WAY more than the economy. How about some questions on these topics suggested by some of my friends over on Facebook:

1. Immigration policy and the DREAM Act.

2. Poverty in America (especially since today is World Food Day) and the millions of children to go to bed hungry every night.

3. Equal rights and LGBT rights.

4. Green energy.

5. Contraception, abortion and reproductive rights as a women’s health issue.

6. Supreme Court and other judicial appointments.

7. The Equal Rights Amendment.

8. Food policy, food security and the FDA.

9. Food subsidies for agribusiness.

10. Science funding.

11. Education reform.

12. Financial regulation and reform.

13. The Patriot Act.

14. Paid maternity leave.

15. The under-representation of women in politics.

Anything else on your short list?

Image via iStockphoto/jimmyjamesbond