Dear New Hampshire,

I know things are a little crazy there right now, what will all the Presidential candidates hurrying about the state.

Plus, I’m sure that CNN’s John King and Dana Bash are trying to scope out wedding sites since they’re both there at the moment.

I know you have a lot of choices for tomorrow’s primary election. Just wanted to put a little plug in for John Edwards.

I know you do a lot of farming up there. And, as a farmer’s daughter (please, hold the jokes until after the primary!), I wanted to let you know that my dad and I are both supporting Edwards because of his commitment to end poverty in America.

I know there are lots of other important issues, but isn’t it time we made sure that no children go to bed hungry at night? I know that there are no candidates who want that, but few are paying attention to it.

Thanks for listening. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sincerely yours,


P.S., For those of you who are looking for some levity today, check out my new “makeover” at Oh, The Joys. Tim Gunn, watch out!