Just when I thought we were done speculating about Chelsea Clinton’s marriage, the gossip rears its ugly head again.  After reports a few weeks ago that the relationships between Chelsea and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky was on the rocks after only a few months, new stories are popping up that perhaps Mezvinsky needs to be checked into a mental hospital because he’s heading for a nervous breakdown.

Really?  Fox News is going to go there?  You know  even if it’s true, can we just leave them alone?  Why do I get the feeling after reading the relatively short and fact-free account that I need to take a shower?

This could all be true and, if so, that would be pretty sad.  But why is Fox so “foxated” on this story?  Is it still because they have a vendetta against the Clintons?

If this is what passes for political commentary these days, maybe it’s just time to find a new line of work.