I was honored to be in on a great conversation this week for the Politics Daily online politics talk show Woman  Up — Your Antidote to Too Many Men on Your TV Screen! Interestingly, the topic this week in light of Christine O’Donnell’s primary election win in the Delaware Senate race was whether conservative women are allowed to protest sexist treatment or — as columnist Matt Lewis calls it, playing the gender card — or if that whole concept is impossible if you’re a conservative.  Are only Democratic, progressive women the object of sexism in America?  Are we the only ones allowed to call people out on it?

If that’s what Lewsi really thinks, maybe he needs to hang out with the Women’s Campaign Forum.  The WCF is a non-partisan organization committed to helping women get elected in a variety of offices across the country.  This week the WCF, in conjunction with the Women’s Media Center, will officially announce it’s Name It, Change It campaign, to call out all the instances of sexism in politics and media, no matter how subtle or overt:

There’s nothing that says you can’t fight sexism with a little spot-on humor!  As with all good humor, there’s a lot of truth in there, even as we sit here and shake our heads over how many times we’ve seen examples or if of this on our TV screens.