Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has announced that he is leaving the GOP to become a Democrat, and will run as a Democrat in his upcoming re-election bid in 2010. CNN has reported that constituents who were visiting Specter on an unrelated matter in his Washington, D.C. office burst into applause when he told them about his decision.(What does that say about the state of the GOP?)

I wonder if this is why Chris Matthews decided not to run for that seat. Maybe Matthews has a little inside info he was keeping to himself? And, if so, was it a conflict for him not to report it as news???

And poor Al Franken. This can only mean the GOP will really throw their resources into keeping him out of the Senate, because if (when? fingers crossed!) he gets seated, the Dems will have reached the magic filibuster-proof number of 60!

I guess I can forgive Specter now for being a little rude to me on that Amtrak train last year when I said hello and told him my parents live in his state.