“Binders full of women.”

That’s what Mitt Romney says he asked for (though now we know that’s not really true) when he shockingly, all of a sudden in 2003 had an epiphany that, GOSH! There are actually women who want to work outside the home and are qualified to be in high level leadership positions!

Yes, Mitt. There are. Lots of us. In many areas of expertise. All over the country. All over the world. Women and girls who are bold and courageous and smart and are more than you can ever imagine, even though in 2012 you should be able to imagine it.

That’s why I launched a Pinterest page to highlight as many women as possible who shouldn’t be relegated to binders, but whose resumes and inspirations and life experiences should certainly have made them “binder worthy” in Mitt’s world.

Like some of my “Wayward Feminist” friends:

And girls who are using their binders to learn about leadership:

And women who are encouraging us to think outside the binders:

And women and girls who are fearless in a world filled with fear:

And young women who are brave enough to ask a simple question and then have to suffer attacks because they had the audacity to ask:

There are enough girls and women to fill many pages, but not ones that should be kept in binders.

Who would you nominate for the Pinterest “Binders Full of Women” page?