What’s more important — whether FLOTUS Michelle Obama spends time with Congressional wives at a food bank to help feed the homeless or that she decided to break out her designer sneaks for the occasion?

The media have decided the real story was all about Michelle’s pricey shoes, not that she managed to get over 100 Congressional spouses to give their time to work at a food bank. Wearing something other than plain vanilla shoes while working at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C., according to so many news reports, suggested that there was hypocrisy at work — that it couldn’t be possible to do charitable work AND have on some snazzy attire at the same time.

The shoes got all the press while the fact that the First Lady of the United States, along with other politically connected wives were spending their day getting food ready for the hungry ended up as little more than a blip in the news cycle. I had to wonder, how did that tidbit of goodwill get buried under the fashion footwear story? And why?

The media have become obsessed with the fashion of Michelle Obama and now they have begun to use it as a way to critique her as a person, regardless of what she’s trying to bring attention to. In retrospect, I’m sure that Michelle is sad that she didn’t wear some ratty old pair of gym shoes to the food bank, though there is no doubt in my mind that Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan would have seen fit to skewer her for that as a fashion faux pas, as well.

Even the White House pool reports are chock full of questionable fashion details, including the report for this week’s event for Corporate Voices for Working Families:

FLOTUS wore a short-sleeved, floral-patterned blouse of red, purple, pink, peach and yellow with thick black trim around the shoulders and the edges of the sleeves. Underneath, she had on a soft purple camisole. The blouse was held closed by a six-inch light brown belt with gold studs. She wore black pants and black shoes. Information on designers was not immediately available.

Well, that’s too bad that information was “not immediately available,” because I know there are some of you who won’t sleep tonight if we don’t know whether Michelle Obama was wearing J. Crew or Isaac Mizrahi!

But really, isn’t it time to stop focusing on Michelle Obama’s fashions and spend a little more time looking at what she is doing to help the homeless and the hungry? Or have we all become a nation where Us Weekly and People magazines trump the news of actual works to help those in need?