So here we are, just days away from Christmas. And there are so many non-Christmas things to write about …

Hillary’s looks on the campaign trail.

Why some people think Jennifer Love Hewitt is fat.

How a presidential contender can claim, with a straight face, that women must submit to their husband’s direction (PLEASE don’t tell Mr. PunditMom!!)

Yet, I find myself unable to write about any of these things as I sit here amid the wrapping paper, tape, boxes and tissue paper. Plus, I have miles to go before I sleep.

So instead of pundit-izing, I am just going to wish all of you and yours a wonderful rest of the holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Even a PunditMom needs a little downtime. So I’m going to enjoy the holiday, re-charge the old political batteries and hopefully come back in time for the full court press in Iowa.

I know — I’ll have to get back up to speed pretty quickly for the Iowa primaries (not to mention that KU is going to the Orange Bowl — Rock Chalk!)