brown coakleyI feel that I should write something thoughtful and analytical about the state of  race in Massachusetts to fill the Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy.  But I’m too angry.

Massachusetts Democrats blew a 30 percent lead to a Republican in a pick-up truck? Really?

If this isn’t a huge lesson in taking voters for granted, I don’t know what is.  Martha Coakley should have been on top of this, but the whole Democratic party should have, as well.  Harry Reid knew we needed that one vote in the Senate.  The DNC knew it.  President Obama knew it.

Yes, we all knew it.

Yet here we are, three days out with the pick-up truck guy ready to buy his ticket for Washington, D.C.

If Coakley loses because the Democratic party was enjoying its blissful ignorance, I think it may be time to start a party of my own.

And don’t even get me started again on Harold Ford and his status as a Democrat.

Who’s in?