As a mother by adoption, nothing gets my ire up more than sensational and judgmental stories about families formed by adoption. When it comes to having children, our society — mostly goaded on by many in the media — often criticize or question families who decide not to use assisted reproductive technology, suggesting that we are somehow less altruistic than families with biological children. The underlying and unspoken suggestion is that our families are too different from everyone else’s to be “real.” And that children who are born to families the old fashioned way are more coveted.

Yes, that is an over-generalization, but there is a whole heck of a lot of truth in it. The latest adoption sensation is about a couple who’s been described as “desperate” by one major news outlet because they turned to Craigslist in a search for a birth mother.

When I read about it, my first thought was, “Don’t get me started again!” I’ll tell you exactly why, and why we should be talking about this story with a different take, at my column, The Spin Cycle at