So, we made it and we are nearing the end of week one on our whirlwind tour of China!  Unfortunately, PunditGirl is a bit under the weather, so today we are missing the Giant Buddha, but we want her to be well enough to meet Tai Shan’s new friends tomorrow!

Being here on this trip has been a nice little respite from politics, though you know I’ve been doing a little happy dance about the health care bill!

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights so far:

We survived the sandstorm from the Gobi Desert while we were in Beijing.  We were prepared for just about everything, though I admit I hadn’t anticipated this!  But we managed.

We did have some clear weather in Beijing and were able to hit the must-sees.

Then, it was time to make our way to Xi’an and the Terra Cotta Warriors.  I figure after visiting there and learning about the Chinese emperors, I’ve learned a few things about taking on the political opposition!

Does the smile take away from the fierceness of the armor?

Fortunately, while PunditGirl is recuperating, we have a lovely view from the hotel room.

Maybe tonight we should just order in?