Image via Souza

Happy birthday, Michelle Obama! Turning 48?  Hey, you’re still just a youngster! You know what they say — 48 is the new 28.

If you’re even a little bit like me, though, at 48 you see can see that big 5-0 staring you pretty clearly in the face. Don’t think about that right now. Give some thought to what you’d really like for a birthday treat. That might be hard to focus on after getting so upset about that whole “angry black woman” thing, but go ahead – it’s your birthday. Indulge!

I know you have enough clothes in your wardrobe, both for your fitness routines and in the designer category. I hear you can go pretty much anywhere you like on Air Force One, and you already have a few people to help out with the cleaning and the laundry. I’m assuming with the 2012 campaign in full swing, the President probably isn’t going to be heading out to Tiffany a la Newt Gingrich to get you anything this year, but I have four ideas about how you might enjoy your day:

Plan a getaway with the girls. I don’t mean Valerie Jarrett or your Chief of Staff, though I’m sure they’re lovely women. We already know you can sneak off to undetected Target or PetSmart. So I bet you could probably do the same for a couple of days to unwind with a gal pal or two, maybe hang out around the pool with a glass of white wine? OK, so maybe I’m projecting a little bit about what would be on my birthday wish list, but what high-profile woman couldn’t use a little time away?

If you can’t get away, then do the exact opposite. Head down to the White House theater, order up some snacks from the White House chef and hunker down with a reality show marathon. I know you might not admit it, but we all have a favorite guilty pleasure when it comes to the world of reality television. I know you’ve been a guest on one yourself, but I think a little time with something with a little less social value could help you enjoy the day. If you have a hard time choosing, I can messenger over a couple of complete seasons of Project Runway from the PunditMom viewing library.

Take an online course. No one will know it’s you. You can interact with some “real” people and cultivate one of your long lost hobbies. A little imagination is all it takes to come up with a faux identity and new Gmail account. I know I’m enjoying a nice photography inspiration class at the moment. Or you could try out this one to figure out whether you really want to run for Senate in 2016.

And of course, I think you need a copy of my book, Mothers of Intention. If you’re going to have to focus on getting women on board for your husband’s re-election campaign, I think you might find some good background here. Plus, some people have said it’s a great read!

So don’t worry about the whole almost-50 thing at the moment.  Remember, your husband was the one who had the mid-life crisis, so you don’t need to to that.  And just remember that 53 is the new 33.  I speak from experience on this one.